Over the years, I've had many different edits, logos, and characters that were created. Above you can see a couple examples of how the logos above have developed. My goal with "GZMO" was always to go for a look where my brand was represented by an Icon or character rather than type or text. For this project I decided to maintain that philosophy, but instead I went for a more minimal icon. My main goal with this project was to keep it simple.
Using a simple monochromatic blue color scheme and simple shapes, I came up with the circle which has the color scale flipped on each sides. I experimented with different angles, and positioning of the 2 semi-circles. Than in illustrator I placed additional circles that matched the background and placed them over each circle using illustrators "pathfinder" to create the word "GZMO" in 4 circles. Below is one of my initial drafts.
Once I added printed material, and desktop wallpaper to my work space, I was able to get a good feel for the tone. This helped me decided on using the singular circle logo with a "GZMO" pattern underneath as opposed to the 4 circles that spell "GZMO"

In the original mock ups I used vertical, square shaped cards. For the final printed version I used rounded corners with a high gloss.
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