The objective of this project was to explore using line, thickness of line and patterns to create volume and demonstrate value. The project had a provided photograph of an elephant. To start this project I created a value scale using several different patterns, and variations of that pattern by using different sized fine-tip ink pens. After the thumbnails I divided the elephant up into a 1" square grid. After this step I began to create patterns in each square of the grid. By making each pattern connect into other part of the grid, I was able to create a more continuous feel (instead of having a block of pattern for each section of the grid). This helped create more unity within this design. This project was extremely enjoyable, although I was not 100% finished or satisfied with design, I did meet the criteria of the design as well as completed all the necessary preliminary work. Meeting the deadline with completed work was a lesson in itself, despite my desire to spend more time on it.
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