About Mrgizmoe

Mrgizmoe @ W Lounge

Electronic music producer Mrgizmoe creates haunting experimental electronica, with influences that range from Aphex Twin and Trentemøller to Yasutaka Nakata and BT. A skilled sound designer and self-taught musician, Zachary Alonzo has crafted a powerful collection of original tunes that explore a wide range of emotional depth and raw creativity.

His debut album, PRJKT.GZMO, sculpts fuzzy synths, ambient textures, and brooding basslines into fantastical soundscapes that are both wistful and exhilarating. Alonzo has cultivated a signature style that blends glitch and dubstep flavors with classical themes and downtempo ambience, appealing to a diverse and growing fanbase. PRJKT.GZMO will be released under the Busy Horse Records imprint and arrives on digital shelves April 30, 2012.

A Los Angeles native, Zachary was exposed to a diverse spectrum of music and art from a young age. He began recording and producing his own songs in 2006 and by 2007 he found his way into the minimal techno scene in Miami Beach. Since then Alonzo has experimented with genres such as trance, progressive/tech/minimal house, techno, j-techno, IDM, glitch-hop, ambient, dubstep, and more.

Mrgizmoe is currently preparing for live appearances in support of his new album, and stays busy with new productions and collaborative work.